What is #SixtyBooks?
#SixtyBooks is a reading movement that encourages people to make reading a part of their regular routine and inspire other people to read as well. #SixtyBooks is about having conversations about the books we read, and learning with and from each other.

What is the #SixtyBooks Reading Challenge?
It’s exactly what it sounds like! It is the challenge to read (at least) 60 books in a year.

How do I take the #SixtyBooks Reading Challenge?
You can sign up for the #SixtyBooks in 2016 Reading Challenge here.

What if I don’t actually read 60 books in a year?
That’s fine! You can think of the number 60 as more of a “result” than a “goal.” It’s the number of books that most of us are likely to read if we take the time to read each day. Some of us will read more than 60 and some of us will read fewer than 60. The point is to challenge yourself to read every day.

How can I keep track of the books I read?
That’s really up to you. Some #SixtyBooks readers like to use Goodreads, some keep journals or other methods.

How can I connect with other #SixtyBooks readers?
We have ongoing conversations on Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.

How can I submit a post about reading #SixtyBooks for publication on this site?
Please fill out the form below and one of our #SixtyBooks team members will get back to you.

Have a question we didn’t cover yet?
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