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#SixtyBooks in 2017 is Here!

It’s time for #Sixtybooks in 2017!  In 2016, we had over 300 people sign up for the challenge and we are hoping to beat that number this year by spreading the word and getting even more people to make reading a part of their daily lives.  For those who are new to our fantastic group of readers, the goal is simply to make reading a regular part of our daily lives and encourage other people to do the same. It’s not a competition (the only person you are competing with is yourself!) and it’s not just about the number.

For this year’s challenge, we will be keeping #Sixtybooks on Twitter and Facebook.  We will also be using #Sixtybooks on Instagram for those who want to share their reading in pictures. Our goal is to be active on all three by sharing more about our progress and the books we are reading.  We are planning some new activities as well:

  1. Week long “#Sixtybooks sprints” that we dedicate to catching up on our reading a few times per year
  2. At least two or three live Twitter chats
  3. A book giveaway raffle just before summer

As always, you can keep track of your books however you like.  Both Melissa and I use Goodreads to keep track and I also use Google maps to pin my books by setting which is a lot of fun.

Signup is the same.  Fill in the #Sixtybooks in 2017 form by clicking here.

We are looking forward to another great year of reading!

Laura and Melissa


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December Book Swap



Dear #Sixtybooks Readers,

In just over a month, #Sixtybooks in 2016 will be wrapping up and we wanted to have some fun as we bring this year’s challenge to a close.  Since we are all readers, we obviously all love getting books in the mail so we thought, why not do a #Sixtybooks December Book Swap?  We are going to run it similar to a secret Santa with the following guidelines:

  1. If you wish to participate, fill in the Google Form by November 23rd so that we can match you as best we can to someone with similar reading interests.
  2. We will send you the name/information for your match by December 1st.
  3. Books sent must be in very good condition with no writing inside them.
  4. No more than $5 should be spent on any bookish extras like candy, bookmarks, etc…
  5. All books should be sent out by December 15th to ensure delivery by the end of the year.  Delivery confirmation is always a good idea when shipping.
  6. Please send a quick reply e-mail to let us know when you send out your book.
  7. If you do not receive a book by December 31st, please let us know and we will do our best to find out what happened.

And finally, let’s share the process at #sixtybooks.  You can post photos of the packages ready to be send out, the books when you receive them, etc.  Most importantly, let’s have fun with it!

Laura and Melissa

Question of the Week (7/17/16)


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Question of the Week (7/10/16)


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Happy Independence Day!



Question of the Week (7/3/16)


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Sixty Books

Read about how #SixtyBooks started as Melissa’s personal reading goal and evolved into a reading movement!

Melissa Morris Inoa

Back in October, I picked up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing that had been sitting on my bookshelf for years. I was about to be a passenger while my then-fiancé drove three hours from New Jersey to Connecticut, and I figured the trip would allot me some solid reading time. I had wanted to read King’s book for a while, but the real reason that I selected it on that particular morning was because the edition was a lightweight paperback — and honestly, I loved the way the grainy texture of the cover felt in my hands. There was no deep or major intellectual decision going on here.

Ah, how some of the most seemingly insignificant decisions we make can have the greatest impact!

Needless to say, the book is really amazing. King’s ability to write memoir and keep readers enthralled is excellent. He weaves his biographical…

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Question of the Week (6/26/16)


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