mg_0722-150x150.jpgHere is the challenge: read sixty books in 2016! I am excited to join this group and make reading a priority in 2016. Of course I love reading and I love books, so this does make sense!

Why Sixty Books? I like the pledge: “I will make reading a regular part of my daily routine.” Simple. But what I really love is the idea of conversations. This reading movement is not simply about logging a number of books and checking off a box. It’s about the conversations that can happen and the possibilities that can arise from these conversations. Conversations are powerful. I like the statement “Imagine the levels of understanding and empathy we would reach.” This is why I read. This is why so many of us read, every day and every week. It’s the understandings, the conversations, the possibilities that come with a good book.

Now are you intimidated by a number? I know this could be a problem. Here’s my solution. It’s not simply about the number. Yes, I know that Sixty is part of the title. This is true. Donalyn Miller discusses book numbers at length in The Book Whisperer. She expects her students to read every day. And she expects them to read forty books. Yes, forty. And she doesn’t talk about failure as an option. She also requires her students to read widely – to read different genres (as one student realizes, forty Dr. Suess books will not work for her requirement). So I’m taking this as part of my challenge. I’m not going to worry so much about the final number at this point. I’m going to read every day and I am going to read different genres: non-fiction, professional development, historical fiction, young adult. I’m even going leave my comfort zone and read some science fiction and fantasy this year. In fact, if any one has any book recommendations for me in this category, I’d really appreciate it!

Are you interested? Read more about #SixtyBooks in 2016!  You’ll find a link to join – and then you can head to the Goodreads group and Twitter so you can share your books as you read! I’m reading #SixtyBooks in 2016, join me!

Happy reading!

Tara Warmerdam 

This post first appeared in The Reading Corner